Penny Lovelock. Visual Artist

I live on the South Coast of NSW now, and have been painting and drawing since I was a child.

I studied Printmaking at Leeds Polytechnic in England and became an illustrator when I left art school. That took me to London and I eventually moved to Australia. Illustration became my career for a long time and then finally after having kids and moving south, I realised I needed to paint and draw and get in touch with my inner creative path. I now paint in oils and acrylics, and am interested in the narrative and landscape around me. My main interest seems to be women in landscape and strange little happenings. I love animals and usually you will see an animal or bird appearing in my paintings.My other love is music, freeform music.I play clarinet and ukulele and so musical instruments are also a big part of my work.  I feel like all living things have personalities and I guess as I walk around observing, strange little narrative paintings start to materialise in my mind. Sometimes, I have no idea how I think of them, but that's the beauty of allowing the brain to wander and be creative.

Penny has illustrated over 30 books and has won 3 awards for her illustration work.

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